Fourth issue of the Scientific and Research Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering was published electronically on the site of JSCE, so those interested can click on the following link to view the publication.
In this issue read:
- Editorial by Manager

- Investigating of Factors Affecting the Bearing Capacity and Settlement of the Composite Pile Group under Vertical Load

- Assessment of Accuracy the Nonlinear Static Analysis in Determining Behavior Factor Reinforced Concrete Moment-Resisiting Frames

- Performance of Link-To-Stub Bolted Connection in Column-Tree Moment Resisting Frames under Fire Conditions

- Hollow Ratio and Stiffeners Effects Concrete Filled Double Steel Tubes Behaviour

- Implementation of Value Engineering in the Body of Earth Dams: A Case Study of Sikan Dam, Daree- shahr, Ilam

- Modeling of Analysis Crack using Adaptive Finite Element Method Via Stress Intensity Factor Error Estimation


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