Definitive License of scientific validity for Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering was issued by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in the letter no. 221321/18/3 on February 2015, 16th.

So all the faculty members, researchers, engineers and those interested in the field of structural engineering and construction are invited to send their articles to journal of structural and construction engineering for judgement and publish in the case of acceptance. 


The names of the editors and manager of the journal as follow:

Manager: Dr. GholamReza Havaei

Managing editor: Dr. Hamze Shakib

Members of the editorial board:

1- Dr. Hamze Shakib

2- Dr. Ali Akbar RamezanianPour

3- Dr. Mohammad zaman Kabir

4- Dr. Mohammad Hassan Sebt

5- Dr. Mohammad Taghi Kazemi

6- Dr. Mehdi Azhdari Moghaddam

7- Dr. GholamReza Havaei

8- Dr. AbolGhassem Keramati

9- Dr. Morteza Eskandari Ghadi

10- Dr. Mahmoud Yahyaei

11- Dr. Javad Vaseghi Amiri

12- Dr. Abolfazl Eslami