Strategy and practical solutions to achieve the goals


1. Structural:


- Plans and programs approved by the Annual General Assembly

- Establish branches of societies in universities in other provinces 
- Absorption of the real and legal members

- Continued participation of members of the Board of Directors at meetings of the society and decision making, and the regularity of meetings
- Cooperation of the other college and university student societies
- Launching the website in different languages



2. Scientific-Research:


- Holding courses and workshops in the fields related to the society
- Holding conferences and seminars focusing on topics related to the society
- Holding lecture sessions and scientific seminars
- Design and implementation of competition at the national, international and virtual levels
- Commemorate scientific and academic active pioneers in this field, in conferences held by the society
- Publication of the Scientific Research Quarterly Journal
- Publication of newsletters in order to inform about society
- Create archives and specialized databases
- Encourage student members to participate in the scientific programs



3. Developing cooperation with related societies:


- Signing of a memorandum of cooperation with universities, scientific, research centers and related societies
- A member of the legal form of national scientific societies
- Participation in Holding of exhibitions
- Provide advice to agencies and related organizations



4. Developing international relations:


- Launching the website to other Community Languages
- Establishment of branches of foreign representatives of society
- Establishment of the International Advisory Committee
- Activation of the International Committee
- Trying to attract foreign real and legal members and Iranians abroad
- Signing agreements with foreign universities

- Participation in international conferences
- Invite foreign professors for conferences that will be held with the participation of society
- Participation of Iranians abroad or foreign professors, writing and review articles for the Journal of the society
- Membership in approved relevant international societies and unions
- Holding Virtual international scientific competitions
- Print books in foreign languages by the society
- Publication of the Scientific Research Quarterly Journal in English