Preparation method of vision, mission, and approaches

 In order to develop a strategic plan of Iranian Society of Structural Engineering the following actions were taken:

1. The survey of members of society to identify the strengths and weaknesses of programs that have been presented so far. In a call for members of Iranian Society of Structural Engineering, they've been asked to provide their opinions. After analyzing these comments, the obtained results were used in developing long-term and short-term plans.

 2. Analysis of annual programs over the past 3 years and its compatibility with existing strategic plan to determine the overlaps and splits between short-term and long-term programs.

3. Evaluation and use of strategic plans of societies, Scientific and Cultural Organizations and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, and scientific and professional resources developed in this field. The results of mentioned actions, assists the society in developing long-term and short-term strategical plan.


Scientific resources and referred superiority legal documents

- Scientific and technological perspective of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1404

- Fifth five-year plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran

- Comprehensive scientific map of the country

- The evaluation results of society annual plans

- The management of serve the country

- Approvals, codes, regulations and rules in the field of scientific societies Commission


Iranian Society of Structural Engineering's 10-years vision, is a dynamic society, effective and of high scientific credibility in the national and international level. That will be participate in research and educational activities in various fields of structural engineering. And in the analysis and formulation of issues and programs of this scope and conduct of activities in this field will work. Therefore, by developing public awareness and expertise and expanding frontiers of knowledge, science and technology, ISSE will be known as a reference.



The mission of the society is to create appropriate platform for the purpose of scientific, technical, research, educational communication, and scientific exchanges and competition between researchers and specialists in structural engineering and related fields, and integration of the activities in the field of structural engineering and construction, the expansion of the frontiers of science and professional and public awareness in this field.



- Participation, collective management and responsibilities
- Adherence to professional ethics

- Focusing on the plan